State and Washington Street Reconstruction (2023)

UPDATE 12/21/23

The Village Board has approved the final special assessment resolution (Res. 23-48) and report for the State, Washington and Janesville St 2023 Reconstruction Project. These have been provided to affected property owners and are posted online for informational purposes: State/Washington/Janesville Reconstruction 2023 Final Assessment Resolution and Report. Please contact the Village at (608) 835-3118 with any questions regarding these special assessments. 


UPDATE 11/03/23

The Village has received questions about leaf pickup on State and Washington Sts. Due to the lack of pavement and the new terrace restoration, the schedule and methods for leaf pickup will be adjusted in the coming weeks.


Because the dirt and mulch in the terraces are new, the Village is asking State and Washington St residents to NOT pile leaves in the terrace this fall. Please pile your leaves in the (paved) street. This will protect the new terraces and maximize the chances that restoration will be successful.


Next week (Nov 6), there will be NO leaf pickup on State or Washington St. The next pickup for this area will occur after paving has happened. Based on the current paving schedule, the Village plans to pick up leaves from these streets on Monday, Nov 13. However, if paving is delayed, the Village will schedule a special leaf pickup date for residents of these streets and let residents know ahead of time.


Thank you again for your patience! 


UPDATE 11/02/23

Per our latest update from Fischer Excavating, paving on both State and Washington Sts is scheduled for Monday, 11/6. Restoration is scheduled to begin on Friday, 11/3.


Until the time that paving occurs (including over the coming weekend) parking is available for residents along both streets as well as Union St. Once paving occurs, vehicles may drive over and park on the asphalt the same day. Note that restoration crews will require access to the terrace and blending areas along both streets during working hours.


The Village again thanks residents for their continued patience, and will update as necessary if schedules change. If you have any questions, please contact the Village at 608-835-3118 or Christian Reid at Town & Country Engineering.


UPDATE 10/17/23

Concrete sidewalk will be constructed on State Street tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/18. The following day (Thursday, 10/19) driveways will be installed. The sidewalk and driveways will then be opened to vehicles mid-next week (weather permitting). Next Monday, 10/23, concrete curb will be constructed on Washington Street, followed by sidewalk, then driveways. Washington St residents will receive fliers from the paving contractor ahead of this work.


Currently we expect paving occur on Friday, 10/27. The contractor has until Wednesday, 11/1 to have all work complete, and the site cleaned.


During the next couple of weeks, access to the streets will be limited during working hours. Access will remain available to the streets after working hours (roughly 6pm).


Being this late in the season, grass may not fully grow prior to the winter weather. Residents should be aware that there is a 1-year warranty from the time of completion for all work performed. We expect to have the contractor back out in the spring to touch up the grass as part of this. The Village will also be placing street trees in the terrace in the spring. More information on this project's street tree planting program will be provided to residents in the next month.


UPDATE 09/20/23

Traffic: the intersection of S Main St and Washington St in Oregon will be CLOSED on Thursday, 9/21/23, to allow Fischer Excavating to complete sanitary sewer installation. The intersection closure will last for one day only, and following completion of the work, traffic will be restored through the intersection. Detour routes for north- and south-bound traffic will be signed. Please pay attention to signage in this area, and follow instructions from construction workers! The Village thanks residents for their patience during this closure and the project.


State St: Fischer Excavating is currently working on coring of the road and removal of existing concrete facilities. Residents will be notified via flier when the sidewalks and driveways in front of their properties will be poured. The notices will have the approximate date of pouring and instructions for how to care for new concrete immediately following its installation. Residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out to the Village or Town & Country Engineering.


Washington St: Fischer Excavating will complete sanitary sewer installation by Friday, September 22. Starting Monday, September 25, the crew will begin installation of water main. Planned and unplanned (emergency) interruptions to water service may occur in the Washington St area on during installation of the main and subsequent replacement and/or tie-in of water services. The project team will communicate all planned water service interruptions ahead of time, but we appreciate residents' patience and understanding when unexpected interruptions occur.


Parking: parking is available on Union St, S Main St, and in areas of State Street and Washington Street not signed "No Parking." Residents should note that, as part of its Janesville St project, Dane County may temporarily restrict parking on side streets including State Street and Washington Street. Residents should abide by the most current signage when parking in this area.


Residents with concerns or questions during construction are encouraged to speak with an on-site member of the construction team, or to reach out directly to the Village at 608-835-3118.


Project Area

The full Right-of-Way of State and Washington Streets; east half of Union Street (storm sewer installation only); intersections of State Street and Washington Street with Union Street; part of intersections of State Street and Washington Street with S Main Street and Janesville St.


Project Description

The State and Washington Street Reconstruction project will include replacement of the roadway surfaces with new aggregate base material and asphaltic surface; replacement of curb and gutter; replacement and improvement of curb ramps, sidewalks and driveway aprons; replacement of sanitary sewer and sewer laterals; and replacement of water main and water services. Additional work will include the installation of inlets and storm sewer to drain the State Street/Union Street and the State Street/Washington Street intersections. Storm sewer main will be installed along Union Street, and the pavement will be patched where disturbed.


Fischer Excavating has been awarded the contract for the State Street, Washington Street and Janesville Street Utility Replacement 2023 Project.


Access and Parking Information

Parking will be restricted in the work zone on a rolling basis on State and Washington Streets as required for crews to perform their work. Parking will be restored around the construction area when it is safe to do so.


During utility installation, property access may be temporarily blocked by construction equipment or materials. If you require assistance to exit or enter your property, please call the Village or speak to any member of the construction team and they will be happy to assist you. Access to all driveways will be restored at the end of each business day. 


During the construction traffic may be temporarily redirected to accommodate equipment and workers. Emergency vehicles will be provided access throughout the project.


Project Timeline

Construction is projected to begin on or around July 1, 2023, with an estimated substantial completion date of October 15, 2023. Some restoration activities may occur in Spring 2024. Working hours will be 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday, with some work possible by Village approval on Saturdays.


Public Meetings

Public Hearing: the Village hosted a Public Hearing for the State/Washington/Janesville Streets Reconstruction Project 2023 Preliminary Assessment Report on May 8, 2023 during that evening's Village Board meeting. 


Public Information Meeting: a Public Informational Meeting was held on January 18, 2023 at Village Hall, 117 Spring Street, Oregon, WI. The presentation from that meeting is provided below. 


Important Documents