Cross-Connection Prevention

UPDATE (February 7, 2024): Per the Village's Cross Connection Control Program, customers of the Water Utility designated as commercial (including multi-family), industrial, or public authority are required to contract with a licensed plumber to complete a cross-connection survey of their property. Documentation of the survey must be submitted to the Village by July 31, 2024. While the Village will accept a variety of survey forms, plumbers may use the sample form linked here and below as a guide: Oregon CC Survey SAMPLE FORM - Commercial/Industrial/Public Authority Customers.


The Village of Oregon Water Utility is committed to preventing cross-connections that can lead to drinking water contamination. Chapter 13.07 of the Village of Oregon Municipal Code (Village Municipal Code) defines "cross-connection" and related terms, prohibits such connections in areas served by the Village Public Water System, and establishes a formal Cross-Connection Control Program by which the Village and the Water Utility may detect and eliminate such connections. The Cross Connection Control Program, adopted by the Village Board on December 19, 2022, may be found here: Oregon Cross Connection Control Program.


As part of the effort to eliminate cross-connections in the Village, the Water Utility asks that all Oregon property owners read the following brochure to learn what cross-connections are, how they can put residents at risk, and how to easily prevent them.