Snow and Ice Removal Policy

The Village of Oregon Public Works Department follows the Snow and Ice Control Program put in place by the Village Board. The program designates certain areas, streets, sidewalks, alleys, parking lots, etc. into classes. These classes are ranked by their priority and snow removal is in class order.


The Public Works Department strives to plow and remove the snow from the designated routes and areas as efficiently and safely as possible. Please remember when there is a significant amount of snowfall the removal process can take longer. Generally, during heavy snowfall events the snow removal crrews will typically pass through an area twice; clearing a drive path first, followed with final plowing and clean-up. Please follow the DO's and DON'Ts below to help the snow removal crew clear your street efficiently:

    • DO park your vehicle(s) in your driveway, off the street, especially in cul-de-sacs
    • DO OBEY all snow emergency rules/regulations, parking signage, and alternate side parking regulations
    • DO NOT push or blow snow into or across streets or pedestrian area
    • DO NOT pile snow in public right-of-ways
    • DO NOT park perpendicular in cul-de-sacs
    • DO NOT put trash and recycling carts in the street.  Place in your driveway or the terrace area (area between sidewalk and curb)


Thank you for your assistance with the snow removal process. To see the complete snow removal policy please visit the Public Works Department tab at


The following is an excerpt of Section 8.07 of the Village of Oregon Code of Ordinance.


Sidewalks To Be Kept Clear

Sidewalks need to be clear of snow and ice for pedestrian safety.  Residents must shovel sidewalks within 24 hours of a completed snow event.  The snow must be cleared the entire width of the sidewalk.  Property owners who do not clear their sidewalks promptly may be in violation of Village Ordinances and may face fines.  In the event that ice has formed on the sidewalk and cannot be removed, the residents must use sand and/or salt to effectively eliminate the dangerous conditions. 


Snow Not to Be Deposited in The Streets

No snow or ice removed from private property shall be deposited in the public ways in areas expected to be cleared by the Village. This would include, but would not be limited to, pushing snow or ice across a public roadway or sidewalk; pushing or carrying and depositing snow or ice on a public way expected to be maintained for pedestrian or vehicular traffic; and the blowing or throwing of snow and ice onto a pedestrian or vehicular area. Violation of any of these provisions may result in a municipal forfeiture action against the property owner or occupant initiated by citation, punishable by a forfeiture of $25.00 per day plus court costs. Each day may be considered a separate violation. If the occupant or owner does not comply with this section, the street superintendent may cause the work to be done and the expense reported to the Village Clerk who shall annually enter such expense on the tax roll as a special assessment against the lot or parcel of land.