South Main Street Reconstruction (2024)

UPDATE 5/10/2024: On 5/6/2024, the Oregon Village Board approved Resolution No. 24-10 authorizing special assessments for sidewalk installation for properties along the portion of South Main St included in this project. This signed resolution and the assessment report can be found here: Resolution 24-10 and Preliminary Assessment Report, 2024 South Main Street Improvement Project.


Several residents have asked about project schedule. The contractor's current schedule has them starting work on 6/5/2024, and finishing on 9/5/2024. As always, this schedule is subject to change. The contractually-required completion date for the project is 9/15/2024. More information about the specifics of construction will be provided to residents prior to the start of work.


UPDATE 3/5/2024: On 3/4/2024, the Oregon Village Board approved the award of the 2024 South Main Street Street & Utility Improvements Project to S&L Underground. A summary of bids received and award recommendations can be found in Item 8a of the Board Meeting packet from that meeting: Oregon Village Board 3/4/2024 Meeting Packet. The most current plan set may be found here: 2024 South Main Street Street & Utility Improvements Plan Set (3/5/2024).


Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in May 2024. As May approaches, the schedule will be refined, and changes will be posted to this website. Residents may also expect to see additional communication from the Village regarding this project, including preliminary assessment estimates, later in March/April 2024.


Note that Alliant is planning to perform work along South Main Street in the project area, including (but not limited to) the replacement of gas facilities and relocation of electric facilities to allow for the installation of sidewalk along the west side of South Main Street. This work will likely be performed in Spring 2024 ahead of the Village's planned improvements. 


Project Area

The full right-of-way of South Main St from approximately 50' south of State St (north) to South Perry Pkwy (south), including intersections of South Main St with Kierstead Ln and Sterling Dr.


Project Description

The South Main St Reconstruction project will include replacement of the roadway surface with new aggregate base material and asphaltic surface; replacement of curb and gutter; replacement and improvement of curb ramps, sidewalks and driveway aprons; replacement of sanitary sewer and sewer laterals; replacement of water main and water services; and replacement/upgrading of storm sewer including inlets/catchbasins, manholes and storm sewer pipe. Note that some sidewalk along the eastern edge of the 600 block of South Main St is in excellent condition and will not be replaced with this project. Property owners will be notified of the intended amount of sidewalk replacement adjacent to their properties via preliminary assessments.


Project Timeline (Preliminary)

Construction is projected to begin on or around June 5, 2024, with an estimated substantial completion date of September 5, 2024. Working hours will be 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday, with some work possible by Village approval on Saturdays. 


Public Meetings

Public Information Meeting: a Public Informational Meeting was held on December 19, 2023 at Village Hall, 101 Alpine Parkway, Oregon, WI. The presentation from that meeting is provided here: South Main St Public Informational Meeting Presentation (12/19/23). 



Per Village of Oregon assessment policy, property owners within the boundaries of this project will be assessed for 50% of the newly installed sidewalk adjacent to their property. Owners of corner lots will only be assessed for sidewalk along the longest edge of the property within the project limits. Driveway aprons, curb and gutter, and water and sanitary services will not be assessed to property owners.


The first steps of the assessment process are as follows:


  • A Preliminary Resolution Declaring Intent to Exercise Special Assessment Powers for this project will be provided to the Village Board for consideration and approval in January 2024. This resolution will not include estimates of assessment amounts.
  • Following the completion of design and bidding, a Preliminary Special Assessment Report will be prepared by the Director of Public Works and presented to the Village Board with a Final Resolution Authorizing Public Improvements and Levying Special Assessments Against Benefitted Properties. The report and the resolution will include preliminary assessment estimates based on estimated frontages. A Public Hearing will accompany this resolution. This resolution will establish the parameters of any incremental pay-back schedule for these assessments (maximum allowable number of installments, and annual interest rate). This will likely be presented to the Village Board in April 2024.


Much more information about assessments will be available at the time of the Final Resolution, and residents are encouraged to attend or listen in to the Public Hearing. Additionally, the project team will communicate more information as it becomes available to residents.


Primary Project Contacts

If residents have any questions or concerns, big or small, please consider the following project team members your first line of help:


Christian Reid 

Lead Project Engineer/Manager

Town & Country Engineering

(608) 273-3350


Lauren Striegl

Village Engineer

Village of Oregon

(608) 835-6285


Email List

Members of our project email list will receive updates at major project milestones, as well as notification when unexpected events occur. Relevant information will also be posted to the project website. Email addresses on the list are kept confidential. If you would like to be added to the email list, please reach out to Lauren Striegl at