Hydrant Flushing

The 2023 hydrant flushing program will begin on the west side of the Village of Oregon on 4/27/23.


Fire hydrant flushing is an important maintenance procedure for the Village’s water supply system, clearing mineral buildup in the water mains and allowing Water Utility staff to check that hydrants are in serviceable condition and function as designed.


Residents may notice the Village’s crews performing flushing. They may also notice minor impacts to their water supply during and immediately after flushing, including low water pressure and/or discolored, “rusty” water. Moderately discolored water that occurs as a result of flushing is safe to use or consume; however, it can stain clothes or some ceramics, so any washing of those items should be done after the water has cleared. Residents concerned about water discoloration can simply run cold water from their taps for a few minutes until the water clears.


Any residents with questions or concerns about the flushing process may contact the Village of Oregon at 608-835-3118.