Council on Aging

The Council on Aging is made up of representatives of community service organizations, local churches and municipalities in our service area.

The purpose of the Council is to create and recommend policy, support the administration and act as liaisons between the Council and the groups that they represent. In addition to this, Council members assist with fundraising efforts, as well as budgeting and personnel issues.
Current Council Members

President—Clarice Dewey (Silver Threads)

Vice President—Anne Dellemann (Oregon Dementia Friendly Coalition)

Secretary—Nancy Sheldon (First Presbyterian Church)

Treasurer—Marilynn Rebman (Community Resource)

Past President—Vacant

At Large—Ruth Klahn (Faith Lutheran Church)

At Large—Ann Benedict (St. John's Lutheran Church)

Village Representative—Tom Kirchdoerfer

Personnel—Chris Johnson (Town of Oregon)


Linda Stageberg (Hillcrest Bible Church)

Jane Morgan (People's United Methodist Church)

Beth Craig (Holy Mother of Consolation Church)

Deanna Fischer (Oregon Area Historical Society)

Rosie Fiscus (Eastern Star)

Sue McCallum (Village of Brooklyn)

Sue Wollin (Town of Rutland)

Vacant (Community Resource)