Village of Oregon Partnership with Green Box Compost



Village of Oregon Announcing Partnership with Green Box Compost to Offer Curbside Composting at Reduced Rate for One Year 


The Village of Oregon and the Sustainability Committee are proud to announce an upcoming partnership with Green Box Compost to provide Village residents with a year of curbside composting for a reduced rate.


The Village of Oregon Sustainability Committee has been working to implement goals that were set forth in a Sustainability Plan adopted by the Village Board in July 2023. The creation of this partnership with Green Box fulfills one such goal: to collaborate with private companies to offer

Green Box Collection Van
Green Box Collection Van
composting services to residents. Composting plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diverting organic waste from landfills, and enriching soil health. By offering this subsidized service, Green Box and the Village of Oregon aim to encourage more residents to adopt eco-friendly practices and contribute to a cleaner, greener community.


The composting service will provide participating residents with convenient curbside pickup of food waste. Green Box will provide participating residents with a 4 gallon composting bin which will be picked up and replaced with a new bin every other Thursday. Green Box will then process the collected material at its state-of-the-art in vessel aerobic composting facility, where it will be transformed into nutrient-rich

Green Box Collection Buckets
Green Box Collection Buckets
compost for use in local gardens, farms, and landscaping projects.


Services in Oregon will begin on April 25th. The first 100 Village of Oregon households to sign up with Green Box Compost will receive a year’s curbside composting services at a discounted rate: $13 a month for one bin or $23 for two bins at a time. After the first year of service, residents will need to opt back into receiving Green Box Compost services at the regular rate ($26 a month for one bin or $36 for two bins) if they choose to continue.


To sign-up or find more information about Green Box Composting and its sustainable waste management solution, please visit