Security While in the Park

Park Safety

A journey to a public park is always fun as well & interesting time.  It is, nonetheless, important to be ready and be ready in advance for security.


“Grown-ups” Safety


When it comes to safety while in the park, some people might simply think about parks as being places for kids to play. But they can be great for grown-ups as well. Adults utilize them for walking, jogging, sightseeing and several other things. However, nothing has the potential to wreck a good time faster than an unwanted encounter. 

Bigger outside parks may have untamed pets to keep an eye out for or worse. On a daily basis people go running in a park either before or after job. Predators know that can be a great time to get to a person when they are alone and not paying sufficient attention to their surroundings. Law breakers watch for simple targets; people that are separated, prone as well as those easy to surprise. That makes it essential to always be extra mindful. Attempt to avoid locations that are dark, or have barriers that somebody can hide behind. Criminals want to benefit from remote locations where they can surprise a possible sufferer.


Take in everything that is around you, and try not to look lost, confused or shy. These are all characteristics that aggressors like. If they see somebody proactively aware of their surroundings, as well as potentially the type to cause trouble, possibilities are they will leave you alone.

That said, some people may not be deterred so easily. Non lethal devices like some pepper spray is an ideal solution for your personal defense. This can be utilized to stop an assault, giving you long enough to get away safely. Before carrying it in a situation you may have to use it, familiarize yourself with how it works. In a real situation, you will have only moments to respond.


Maintaining Youngsters Safety


Any parent or those who have children in their lives know how much fun little ones can have at the park.  Remember to maintain a watchful eye on them as well as ensure they are close by at all times. Predators use parks as a location to hide and watch for possible loners, or a kid that has wandered off far away from adult supervision.

A good way to help  keep children safe in a park is to provide them a personal alarm system that sends out a high pitched squalling sound when turned on. You can pick a version that the child can activate whenever he or she feels threatened, or one that automatically goes off anytime they are beyond a defined distance from you. It will allow everybody around know that something is wrong, and also draw immediate focus to the child.


Be Prepared


Even if you’re just visiting a park that’s down the street from your house, it is very important to be prepared. Have your phone with you and readily accessible in situations you may have to make an emergency call. If you have to call 911, be sure you can call promptly. If you are going to an area where you might be alone, particularly night, we recommend taking a self-defense device or personal alarm to protect you and notify others that you are in trouble.

A criminal activity or an emergency situation could happen at anytime, so always be ready. Taking a few precautions in advance and maintaining situational awareness can help make sure you and your loved ones have a great time at the park!