Failure To Pay Forfeiture

Upon the Judge’s finding of GUILTY of a violation, a forfeiture (fine plus costs) may be imposed. Forfeitures are payable immediately, however if time to pay is needed, 60 days will be allowed to do so. If a defendant fails to pay a forfeiture and does not contact the Court to ask for an extension, without further notice, the defendant’s driver’s license will be suspended for up to two (2) years. If the juvenile does not yet have a driver’s license, the suspension will be imposed when s/he applies for one.

Payment Options
By mail, send exact amount by check or money order to:

Oregon Municipal Courts
383 Park Street
Oregon, Wisconsin 53575

In person at the Court Clerk’s office, Oregon Police Department/Municipal Court Building, 383 Park Street, during office hours listed below. Payments may be by cash, check, or credit card.

Drop off payment in the drop box located in the front lobby at the Oregon Police Department/ Municipal Court Building, 383 Park Street, Oregon. Payments must be by check, money order or cash in the exact amount owed. Write your ticket number on the payment envelope and if you want a receipt, your homes address. Payments will not be accepted at the Police Department.

Any payment received prior to your court date will be treated as a plea of No Contest. If you fail to pay or appear for court by the date on your ticket, the court will enter a default judgement against you and mail you a notice of such to the address listed on your ticket.

For more information contact:
Oregon Court Clerk
383 Park Street
Oregon, Wisconsin 53575

(608) 835-2206

Court Clerk Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Closed Wednesdays & Fridays