Forfeitures, Trials, Appeals

Upon the Judge’s finding of GUILTY of a violation, a forfeiture (fine plus costs) and traffic demerit points may be imposed. Forfeitures are payable immediately, however, if time to pay is needed, 60 days will be allowed to do so. If a defendant fails to pay a forfeiture and does not contact the Court to ask for an extension, without further notice, the defendant’s driver’s license will be suspended for two (2) years. The Court does not send reminder notices. Income tax refunds may also be intercepted.

A defendant pleading NOT GUILTY in an OWI case may request a jury trial in Dane County Circuit Court. A fee must be paid and bond posted with the Clerk of Court within ten (10) days of the initial appearance. All other trials are heard by the Municipal Judge in Oregon with the right to appeal the decision to the Circuit Court.

Either party (defendant or plaintiff) has the right to appeal the decision of the Court by written appeal within twenty (20) days after judgment. Appeal fee, forfeiture, and costs are posted upon filing the appeal. The defendant also has the right to a jury trial on appeal, upon payment of the appropriate fee.