Disposal of Mandatory Recycling Items Not Including in the Village Contract for Curbside Collection

1.  Some items cannot be picked up in the normal curbside pickup because they either will not fit in the 35-95 gallon cart provided (e.g. discarded couch), or because they cannot legally be disposed in a landfill (e.g. yard waste, major appliances). Consistent with the requirement for volume-based fees, persons generating such items discussed below will have to arrange, at their cost, for the Village's contractor to pick them up or arrange some other disposal in a legal manner.

 2.  The Village's contractor on the normal curbside collection will not pick up items which are otherwise permitted in a landfill, but which cannot practicably be placed a 35-95 gallon garbage cart. Persons with such items can contact the Village's contractor or another licensed contractor and pay to have them disposed of legally. Call Pellitteri Waste Systems (608-257-4285) for disposal of items.

3.  For mandatory recyclable items which cannot legally be placed in a landfill and are not practical for normal curbside pickup please contact Pellitteri at 608-257-4285.

4.  Used tires and major appliances will be picked up by the contractor for a fee. Village residents may also contract with someone else, but it is illegal to dispose of these in a landfill.

5.  Waste oil can be dropped off at the Village's waste oil site located at 388 Park St., (Public Works Building).

6.  Lead acid batteries can be turned over to retailers that sell lead acid batteries. As of January 1, 1991, such a dealer is obligated to take a lead acid battery in trade if a consumer purchases a new lead acid battery from the retailer. Otherwise, the retailer is obligated to accept up to two lead acid batteries per person per day and charge no more than $3.00 per battery. Wisconsin Statute 159.21.

7.  For information on preparation of items for collection see "Brush, Yard, Leaves and Holiday Tree Collections". For pickup of yard waste at other times or limbs exceeding five (5) inches in diameter at anytime the residents can contract with a private contractor.