Room Tax Form

The Hotel tax is imposed by Section 3.10 of the Municipal Code of the Village of Oregon, is payable on a calendar quarter basis. 


Payment of tax is due to the Village Treasurer on the last day of the month succeeding the calendar quarter for which imposed.  Each payment shall be accompanied by a completed quarterly return prepared by the taxpayer.  

1st Quarter (January - March) - DUE April 30th

2nd Quarter (April - June) - DUE July 31st

3rd Quarter (July - September) - DUE October 31st

4th Quarter (October - December) - DUE January 31st


Please make checks payable to the Village of Oregon.  Payments can be mailed or dropped off at Village Hall, 101 Alpine Parkway, Oregon, WI  53575

*Name of Hotel:
*Street Address, City, St:
*Quarterly Report Date Range:
1st (January - March)
2nd (April - June)
3rd (July- September)
4th (October - December)
*Line 1 - Gross room receipts for quarterly period:
*Line 2 - Deduct non-transient receipts:
*Line 3 - Deduct tax exempt receipts:
*Line 4 - TAXABLE Room Receipts (Line 1 minus Line 2 & Line 3):
*Line 5 - GROSS TAX (8% of Line 4):
*Line 6 - Late filing fee - if applicable ($25 plus interest):
*Line 7 - TOTAL TAX DUE (Line 5 plus 6):
*Person Preparing Report:
*Date Prepared:
*Contact Phone:
*Contact email:
*CERTIFICATION: Under penalty of perjury, I hereby certify that the information provided here in is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.:
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