Tips to Prevent Thefts From Vehicles & Garages

Theft Flyer
Theft Flyer

Tips to Prevent Theft From Your Vehicle

  • Remove cell phones, cameras, wallets, purses, and other valuables from your vehicle.
  • If you need to leave anything valuable in your vehicle, do not leave them in plain sight.
  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • If you park on the street, try to park near a street light.
  • Consider adding a car alarm to your vehicle, however please respond promptly if it is set off to avoid disrupting your neighbors.
  • If you are unable to lock your vehicle, please remove your garage door opener, and if your vehicle is locked, please place these openers in a discreet location within the vehicle.
  • If you park your vehicle in your driveway, leave your exterior lights on throughout the night or install a motion detector for these lights. 

Tips to Prevent Theft From Your Garage

  • Close your garage door at night.
  • Secure the outside service door to your garage with a deadbolt and also secure the entry door from the garage into the residence with a deadbolt.

If an officer observes a garage door open, windows left open on a vehicle, and/or a vehicle door ajar, they will place a yellow door hanger on your front door or under the windshield wiper of your vehicle to serve as a friendly reminder to secure your property and reduce the possibility of you becoming a victim.  Please click on "Prevent Thefts From Vehicle/Garage" above for a picture of the door hanger.

Please report any suspicious persons/activity to the Oregon Police Department immediately at (608) 835-3111.  If you are calling after hours, you wil receive a recording at which time you should press 1 to be transferred to Dane County Dispatch.  IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 911.